Decorative Floor Coatings.


For many years now, home owners and construction managers have taken measures to protect concrete floors.  However, this has gone from essentially nothing to a sophisticated process of etiquette protective coating or surfacing, in spite of the fact that industrial floors go through many damages like contamination, thermal shocks, wear and tear, cracking, chemical applications and abrasions.    Moreover other properties call for an  immediate action these properties include; aesthetics, wear, slippery, resistance to chemicals, easiness to maintain, and physical performance. To handle all of these, there are several concrete protective materials for these conditions in our markets today, and in this article, we will discuss epoxy and polyurethane floor coating.

Epoxy Floorings.

A high build protective film sealed over the concrete floor to produce hard, an abrasion-resistant finish which is water resistant is what makes epoxy floorings.  Holland Epoxy Flooring are the best coatings for a long term protection of your floors.

The benefits of Using Epoxy Coatings.

1) They are easy to clean.

2) It gives your floor an attractive look.

3) It is easy to use Epoxy floorings in any place at any time because is environment friendly.

4)  Holland Decorative Flooring last for a longer period that other floorings.

Polyurethane Floor Coatings.

A thicker coating, which forms a high-build protective layer on the concrete surface offer a higher resistance to UV lighting and their soft natures make them more prone to gouging is what make a polyurethane floorings.

The advantages of Polyurethane Coatings.

1)  Applying Holland decorative coating on the floor is very easy.

2) It offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

3) Polyurethane floorings can easily be used in water based and solvent based versions.

4) For interior as well as exterior uses, Holland decorative coatings are perfect.

Tips to choose Epoxy coatings.

  1. The material used in Epoxy.

Epoxy flooring is a way of protecting and sealing the concrete bases.  It is the durable and hard material and that is why this suits to the every flooring applications.

  1. The material for your home.

This factor applies well in the domestic use of Epoxy.  Make sure that the material used to make your home will coincide with the Epoxy floorings.

The Bottom Line

Your preferred style and your taste should guide you while you are building a new house or when you are planning to give your floor a new look by remodeling it. In case you are not very sure of the best way to go on choosing the best floor coatings, it is advisable to consult one of the Flooring companies in Holland and they will advise you accordingly.


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